Wonda & Friends

These kitties have all been a very special part of my life.  I wish them peace, sunshine & love xx

My beautiful baby Wonda

Thank you for being such a special part of my life.  I will never forget you.  I love you my precious girl

Farewell my baby JoJo.  Thank you for being mom's special little boy

Mittens (Mia) was with me for 6 months and in her new home for 6 weeks before she passed on.  You were a pleasure to foster.  A kitty with the most gentle loving disposition

Bagira - RIP my old man.  Thank you for being part of mine & the kitties lives for 2 years.  You tried so hard to get everyone to adopt you while you still felt like a spring chicken.  Such a gentle soul

Farewell baby Sarina

You were taken away too young

RIP little Pippa.  Your babies miss you

Goodbye my gentle Felix.

Vanessa says you must "fly high"

Farewell precious Bobby.  You were dearly loved

Adoptive Parents

Thank you for giving a rescue kitty a second chance



Maia (Katie) - Anthony & Mark

Ocelot - Cameron Drotsky

Hapatchi - Chantal Forssman

Milosc & Kochanie - Nikki Viljoen

Bella & Patches - Rene Herman

Miss Noodle - Lindie Venter

Mia - Elizabeth Van Der Byl


Cheshire - Quintin Botha

Wonka - Theresa Hurter

Shanti - Lauren Kerwin





Twinkles & Charlie - Bear Family

Bella & Ebony - James & Michelle

Apache & Duey - Lorette van der Linden

Snowy - Wilma Roodt

Snowball - Bev


 JULY 2010

Pixie - Amanda van der Berg

Piwi & Shadow - Jenine Warren

Madam & Diesel - Michael & Eryn

Meili - Nicky

JUNE 2010

Tinge & Poeks - Dewalt Schutte

Rusty, Ash & Smokey - Ursula Fernihough

? - Julie Ralton


MAY 2010

Benji & Sunshine - Adrienne Connolly

Felix & Jack - Annonymous

Sushi & Rocky - Celia Meyer

Missy & Mr. Higgens - Capucine Thomas

Smokey & Whisper - Dave & Karen Kennedy


APRIL 2010

Minkx - Leigh-Ann Sargent

Amber - Andrew Carruthers

? - Shelene Shaer

Ariel - Tara Theron

Prince - Eugene Pretorius

? - Jay Ntombela

Christie - Dhevin Govender


MARCH 2010

Nicholas - Monica Green

Mongi - Vicki Stam

Remy - Caitlin Warther

Karneels - Rassie & Cehesta

Tammy & Socksy - Moira Bode

Tequila - Cheryl Hoft

Ash - Greg Cohen

Gracie - Cristina Mourato



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