Hair dryers for 2018-2019: ranking of the best according to customer reviews.

Every woman wants to have a beautiful styling, but how to achieve this if you, for example, have thin hair or naughty curls, or for example a short haircut that requires daily styling? A hair dryer comes to the rescue, which is available in the "arsenal of beauty" for every woman.

If some thirty years ago it was used exclusively for drying, but now you can use it to make curls, curls, stretch, make them voluminous, spending only 15-20 minutes of your precious time on it. Our rating of the best hair dryers for 2018-2019, based on Kalista Salon, will help you determine the choice of model.

Best hair dryers in 2018 - 2019

Since we are all individual, there is no general rule to determine exactly which hair dryer is better. But we will tell you what criteria you need to focus on when choosing among various models, and our rating of 10 models will help you figure out what is the “best hair dryer” and how to choose it.

Top models in this category are user-tested, they differ in price and criteria such as: power, function, weight, shell material and others. Based on the technical specifications and reviews of the owners, we have compiled TOP 10, in which models from the following manufacturers:

  • SUPRA;
  • Polaris:
  • DEWAL:


The cheapest SUPRA hair dryer is a great helper both for drying wet hair and for styling. Switching blowing speeds, a powerful motor and the functions of supplying warm and cold air will help your hair look perfect. A small flexible buttonhole will create additional convenience when storing the hair dryer, since it allows you to hang the device on a hook.

Polaris PHD 2077i

This Philips hair dryer model has a capacity of 2000 watts, while consuming only 1600 watts of electricity. It is made in an attractive dark case, decorated with colored inserts. ThermoProtect technology provides protection against premature aging of the hair during drying and styling.

The device has six modes: 2 speeds and 3 temperature options, which provides quick drying. Ionization is another very useful feature of this model; it helps to reduce static magnetization, removes porosity and makes them smooth.

DEWAL 03-110 Spectrum

The popular DEWAL hair dryer is made in bright colors that delight the eye with its variety, powerful enough and has a convenient shape, it is convenient to hold the hair dryer in your hand during drying. Due to the features of its device, the motor enhances the air flow during drying, which makes the installation process faster and more efficient. It is protected from dust by a special replaceable filter, using the buttons on the case you can easily change the temperature during installation.

Stop-heat function protects hair from overheating. Power 2200 W is enough for drying and styling, and ionization will help make them smooth.

Asian skin: 2 interesting facts

Features of Asian skin, how to care for it and what means to use
"Why does that girl have normal, beautiful, and smooth skin, but I don’t?" Many girls ask this question, but continue to use expired cheap creams and lotions that they bought earlier on the stock, and even not suitable for the type of skin, eat doshirak and do not get enough sleep. And you can’t do that! You need to buy suitable skincare and makeup products for your skin type, be able to relax with good use and eat right. Then you will immediately see the result.

First you need to find out what type of skin you have, only these types of wagon and trolley. Therefore, we decided to go along ethnic lines. There are differences in the skin besides its color, and that for each ethnic skin type there are special care requirements. And we will begin this series of articles with Asian skin. In this article, we will talk about 6 features of Asian skin and how best to care for it.

1. Asian skin is more sensitive.

It is, and all because this type of skin has a thinner stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the skin) compared to other ethnic groups. Because of this, the skin becomes extremely sensitive to environmental factors and chemicals that can upset the pH balance of the skin.

This means: You need to be careful about which products and treatments are used on the skin, because most Asian women cannot respond well to harsh procedures such as peeling or chemical solutions.

What to use: For daily care, for example, a hypoallergenic Korean cream based on goat milk “Naturalth Goat Milk Aqua Whitening Cream” is suitable. Due to the airy texture of the cream, it instantly melts on the skin, evens out the tone of the face, relieves irritation, makes the skin soft and supple, leaving a feeling of softness and comfort.

2. Frequent scars on the skin.

Due to the thin stratum corneum, Asian skin is more genetically predisposed to scars than others. Therefore, you need to be very careful if you have acne or when you heal from some skin scars.

This means: Do not squeeze acne yourself. Use gentle products such as emu oil or vitamin E to heal scars.

What to use: You can use Tony Lab AC Acne Foam Facial Cleanser. The product eliminates and prevents the conditions that lead to the appearance of acne, penetrates deep into the pores, cleanses of impurities and blackheads, controls the release of sebum, improves blood circulation, tightens pores and minimizes redness. Green tea extract has an antibacterial effect. Contains a mild acid level similar to the pH of the skin, does not cause irritation.